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Refunds & Return Policy

First things first, if you're at this page, that means that you've likely purchased something from BCT Balloons Co. so let's start by saying "Thank you! Your business means a lot to us!"

Our Refund and Return policy is pretty simple.

1. ) Our Mistake

If BCT Balloons Co. has made a mistake (i.e shipped the wrong size, issue with a package), we will gladly confirm the issue and then send the corrected product order. 

2.) Shipping Errors

If the error occurred after BCT Balloons shipped your parcel, we will connect you with the tracking ID, however, BCT Balloons cannot be held responsible in any way for errors in shipping that happen through third-party and/or that are the error of the client (i.e incorrect mailing addresses).

Pretty simple, but we wanted to take the time to state this policy for all to see. Let us know if you have any questions and we are happy to help!

3.) Unsatisfied with Product

Although we have never had this issue with regards to refunding, we have decided to make a statement regarding this topic. In the event that a customer is unsatisfied with the product (i.e doesn't look they way they anticipated), we are unable to issue a refund. Should there be a defect with the product, please contact us directly and we will confirm the product defect and determine the refund policy that is most applicable. 

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